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Social Security told me I had an overpayment. What do I do?

An overpayment is when Social Security believes they paid you benefits you were not eligible for, or paid you more money than you were entitled. When you receive a notice of overpayment, you have two options:
  • If you believe that Social Security is incorrect about the overpayment, or you do not understand how they calculated the overpayment, you can appeal.
  • If you believe that Social Security is correct about the overpayment but you do not believe it was your fault and you are unable to pay the money back, you can apply for a waiver.
You can appeal or request a waiver by calling Social Security or by visiting your local field office. Make sure to have your Social Security number and the results from this app printed when you make an appointment. Find your local field office here or call 1-800-772-1213.

This result doesn’t match what Social Security told me.

There are a few reasons why this may be happening: first, click on ‘earnings’ at left to make sure that the earnings record and pension amount you uploaded is correct.

If you believe that Social Security has an error in your earnings record, you should contact Social Security and bring evidence of your earnings record to have them correct the error.

Your results may also be affected by the Government Pension Offset, or another Social Security rule not covered by this calculator.

As above, if you have a question about how your Social Security benefits are being calculated, you should contact Social Security and ask that they assist you in understanding your benefits. If you have any trouble contacting Social Security, reach out to your Member of Congress for help (see below).

What is the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and how does it affect government workers like teachers or firefighters?

WEP is a complicated provision that alters benefits of retirees who spent some part of their career not paying into social security, often working for state or local government.

Along with the somewhat simpler GPO (Government Pension Offset) rules, they can often catch retirees in Massachusetts and 7-10 other states off guard. This calculator aims to improve the experience for these and other retirees in the United States.

 Read more at Mass Retirees.

I'd like to see WEP repealed. What do I do?

Congress has introduced several bills to repeal WEP since it was first made law in the 1980s. However, none have passed. Contact your representative in Congress here.